Collection and analytics of Urban Big Data

CiuData is a startup that has automated the capture of urban #BigData using sensors and computer vision trained with Machine Learning. With data analytics and data science they enable intuitive data visualization for public and private agents to have accessibility to #realtime #information.

What is it about and what we aim for

A smartcity detects its citizens' necessities and reacts to these demands by transforming the interactions between citizens and public services systems.

"Cities actions and the management of them are based on knowledge, ideally on knowledge of real time information or even anticipating to what could take place”

Explains Juan Murillo, BBVA Data & Analytics Territorial Analysis responsible.

We have a purpose: To create an Urban Data Observatory at regional level, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences with the final goal of generating a community and our own version of smart cities.

What does Ciudata do?

We are a SaaS & DaaS digital service platform. We have developed an efficient methodology for urban big data collection, updated in real time and structured in a single platform. Through data science we enable intuitive visualization of information in maps and/or dashboards so that Latin American cities and their citizens can make informed decisions on a wide variety of issues, from public health to the economy, the environment and national security, in a transformation towards smart cities.

Through planning, modeling and analysis of the generated data, we can develop digital solutions to solve complex urban challenges of a broad, diverse and changing nature. Our goal is to provide cities with a digital tool that improves their management and directly impacts the quality of urban life.

As part of the GovTech ecosystem in the region, we promote the digital transformation of governments, companies and researchers and boost open innovation to improve the lives of citizens.


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