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Access by subscription to a digital platform for visualization of geospatial data, updated in real time.


Access to a platform by acquiring a subscription which allows consulting and downloading historical urban big data databases.


Download and Request of specific datasets for urban and enterprise solutions


Download and request of reports. Elaboration of statistical reports, follow-up and monitoring.


At ciudata we interact in a wide environment of alliances, suppliers, clients and users.

In partnership with waste management companies, we install devices in its fleet of vehicles for mass urban data capture, each device has an IOT connection.

For the capture of certain urban events, truck drivers receive training in urban culture. This alliance empowers citizens at the base of the social pyramid and generates a social impact from the roots of the project.

Information and Communication technologies operators (ICTs) and data operators are key providers that transmit this data through their communication networks and store it on servers for consultation.

Hardware developers who develop technology in the country and in the region, and software developers who develop programming and interface are key in order for this sea of information to acquire a logical order and to make it possible for it to be visualized in a digital platform for consultation.

People have an essential role in ciudata, first and foremost as beneficiaries and participants of the transformations, and also from the active use of their own devices and mobile applications. Every citizen can be part of the data generation process for the platform, allowing a greater participation of civil society in the municipal administration.

Project Examples

Digital management of the diagnosis and monitoring of road and environmental systems Autonomous Municipal Government of El Alto.

Collects, processes and presents urban big data in real time for different areas:

Environmental quality and urban valuation report

Air quality reports at specific points in the city and in comparison with the rest of the city. Noise pollution reports at specific points in the city and in comparison with the rest of the city.


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